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Beginners and veterans alike love our custom paddles. Each of our paddles are specifically designed with distinctive red rim which helps protect the blade from chips and dings during normal use. Remember, a paddle is only as good as you perform.  A good paddle will give you the best chance within your ability.  We cannot control your ability, but we can control your paddle.

Our paddles are available in three models: the Balsa, the XP Blade and the our venerable Steering Paddle.

Mudbrook Racing Paddles, Mudbrook, Mudbrook PaddlesBalsa. Made for its lightness and optimized for use in an OC-1, our balsa paddle is prized by beginner to elite paddlers  seeking to achieve their best performance.

Our Balsa Paddle was originally conceived for OC-1 racing and has been used by Danny Ching throughout his career, including during multiple Molokai to Oahu channel crossings.  The Balsa Paddle is highly versatile and many paddlers find it works equally as well for OC-6 racing. The Balsa has the same shape as the XP but is made of lighter balsa wood.  It is balanced to give and edge at higher revolutions. At 17-18 oz. we think it is the ideal weight for a paddle for it is not the weight but how it grabs and holds the water.  


To order, email Al Ching at: albertchingjr@gmail.com

Mudbrook Racing Paddles, Mudbrook, Mudbrook PaddlesXP Blade. Sporting a variety of wood grains and beautiful colors, our XP Blade was crafted with OC-6 crews in mind. Slightly heavier than the Balsa, our XP Blade is a favorite among outrigger canoe clubs.

The XP Blade has the same shape as the Balsa and it ideal for paddlers of any ability. The blade has a great bite and release, which is very important in moving your boat.  It is very user friendly and beautiful.  As in each of our paddles, the XP Blade features a protective red rim that helps fend off nicks and dings. Its weight varies from 18 to 19 oz.  


To order, email Al Ching at: albertchingjr@gmail.com

Steering Paddle.  Larger and longer than a standard paddle, our steering blade will give your steersman a winning edge with its ability to quickly lock in and maintain course in all conditions.

Built to hold its position alongside the hull, when it is inserted into the water it quickly grabs onto the canoe.  Our steering paddles weigh approximately 24 oz and are built to last.  


To order, email Al Ching at: albertchingjr@gmail.com

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Email Al Ching at: albertchingjr@gmail.com